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Melody Willis is an artist and writer working on the land of the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation (Sydney). She currently teaches drawing at the Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning (University of Sydney). 


Her painting process aims to capture extreme weather effects and the atmosphere of coastal Australia.  She will generally soak, dye, stain, bleach or collage the canvas in order to create ephemeral abstractions on the surface before beginning painting, and has also been known to tear apart and refashion paintings into soft sculptural furnishings.  The compositions in her work are often derived from photographs of incidental arrangements of objects, architecture and nature that explore the ways people alter and engage with public space.


Melody Willis has completed a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree and has been awarded a Masters of Fine Arts (research) from the College of Fine Arts, UNSW. She has been the recipient of several artist residencies, including a drawing residency with the National Art School and an Asialink residency in Beijing, China supported by the Australia Council for the Arts. 


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